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More masterpieces.

Conquered Clients.

HOCHBURG is an Owner-run Design- and idea agency located in Stuttgart. We create brand-strongholds for desirable companies and products since 2010. We are 10 Knights and fight with the weapons of a digital world and live by the rules of a long past era.

We don’t beat around the bush.

We are always on point. No pretentious talk.

We are extremely fast.

Because we have a structured work flow and a thoroughly defined process.

We are affordable.

Because we are process driven and get results fast.

We always go the extra mile.

We never sleep and try to stay one step ahead.

We design intelligent.

Just pretty is not good enough. So we try tot think outside the box.

We love quality.

Only after a defined process chain, our work is ready to leave the castle.

We are pragmatical.

We don't talk. We do. Like a real swabian.

We work with heart and soul.

Full of passion - for big and small brands.

We stay hungry.

We love to discover new ways - but we will never forget where we come from.

We love details.

Because the small things matter.

With success.






Living Culture.

Ready for combat?


Theodor-Heuss-Straße 26
70174 Stuttgart

Phone 0711 | 722 333 60
Fax 0711 | 722 333 61

Imprint: commercial register number HRA 726880 Head office of the company is in Stuttgart. Salex tax ID is DE290881999. Responsible for the content are the managers Fabian Schmutzer, Florian Boyd, Martin Walker. Individually liable is HOCHBURG Verwaltungs GmbH, HRB 745126, Amtsgericht Stuttgart. General standard terms and conditions can be inspected here.


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